Welcome to the world of Henna! 

With over 9000 years of history under its belt, henna is perhaps one of the most gorgeous, medicinal gifts of Mother Nature. And this is how you develop a connection with it, more so if you are a going to be mother very soon, and planning to welcome your baby in near or distant future – preserving the seeds of the dreams deep inside you! 

Go Henna


Are you trying to make your gestation period all the more attractive? Are you trying to make sure that the beautiful feeling of your ‘tiny one’ growing inside you all the more pleasing? Go for belly henna crafting!!

Sarala and her team come up with an entire new world of some striking patterns that will lift up the look of your signs of motherhood by quite a few folds. If you are planning to attend a weekend party during your pregnancy, we have an entire range of subtle patterns that will suit your state of mind that you need to be in – calm and composed. Let your tiny one be blessed with coolness that henna offers. Let that coolness transmit through the skin pores and bless your tiny one as you count the days! 



If you are planning to opt for belly henna during a weekend get-together, Sarala and her team have other plans for you as well! We will come up with some stunning patterns that will underline the romantic feeling that your mind must be going through as you think of your special one! 

Belly Henna is elegant in the first place. It makes you look out-of-this-world – a proud would-be mother, and a classy lady with all the glamour of the world.

We have various patterns of belly henna for your friends’ party or other friendly meetings that you plan to attend, and that you plan on weekends. 

So come and taste the gentleness of this wonderful nature’s gift, and be adored in an all new way – us as you go the henna way!!! Turn to Sarala and her team – we will make your day!!!