Party Henna

Party!!! Party!!! …and Party!!! …The very word that must be making your thoughts go wild, and if you are a party freak, then it’s all the more exciting for you! There are so many types of parties to attend – traditional birthday parties, High Tea Party, Hens Party, Corporate Parties and many more!!


Each of them has its own character and its own etiquette to maintain, and you need to be ready mentally and physically accordingly.

Now the concept of this ‘getting ready’ has changed over times, and the modern times demand a more classy and stylish look that is unique from every aspect. So how to add them? Just go the Henna way. Truly, henna IS the new ‘in-thing’ that is getting more and more popular all over the world. Australia has joined the trend, and here is where Sarala and her team make all the difference for you.

Sarala and her team come up with an entire range of henna service for you. We are truly customized, friendly yet professional, and this goes a long way to serve you on those special PARTY days when you are supposed to turn up, expecting to absorb all the limelight and attention like a sponge.

We have exquisite collection of traditional as well as modern henna patterns, not to mention the simpler and more abstract form of patterns that suit every genre of party in a seamless way, making you look out-of-this-world…and that include even a Baby Shower and bridal shower event!!

So hesitate not, if you are to turn up for a wild, wild party! Just get in touch with us and here we are with all the time in the world to serve you in the best possible way with our all-the-new and wide variety of henna patterns!!

We would listen to your aspirations, take your suggestions and come up with some gripping patterns that will practically set the very tone of the party you attend! Truly, Sarala and her team rocks!!!