Bridal Henna

When it comes to adding that inseparable MEHNDI FACTOR to your wedding, what better option can you have than Sarala and her team? We will leave no stones unturned to make you and your guests look different and that is what you can expect from us when we come up with our stunning henna service for your wedding!!


You need to know what we offer


Let Sarala and her team decorate you and your guests with those bright Brisbane bridal mehndi patterns all the way from Indian subcontinent and the Arabic world. Be it the minimalistic style or the contemporary creative design that we offer, Sarala and her team will always add a special class to your, and your guests’ getup on that big day.

Then Sarala and her team have the elaborative and decorative variety and the more contemporary design form that you may opt for. We practise contemporary, traditional, cosmopolitan and rural styles from various states of India for our bridal henna Brisbane service.

In whatever way you make yourself up, Sarala and her team adds something special to your personality in an amazing way, making you all the more beautiful in ‘HIS’ eyes and that of your guests!!  Tell Sarala and her team to come up with something special. Surely, we will do so and frankly speaking there are so many choices that we have in our offing just for you!!

You can very well go for our typical Brisbane white henna patterns, which with their sleek look are poised to make you all the more elegant and attractive in an absolutely unmistakable way!!  

So go the henna way, and bring in a piece of artistic flavour from Rajasthan and Gujarat or from other Indian states, which will make your wedding plans all the more gorgeous! The mehndi patterns Sarala and her team come up with will surely make your wedding something to talk about!

Take our words, as this has been the case, in every wedding we have ‘attended’ with all our expertise and acumen!!!

And remember, you will find Henna and her team even if you are in New Zealand. We travel all over Australia and go as far as New Zealand with our kitty of bridal henna patterns!!